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Thing to do on 2017 Tax

Set up your 2017 tax file

Pull out your label-maker and make new labels on file folders, expanding files or drawers to start storing your 2012 records and receipts.

Now you have a place where you can consistently put all relevant receipts and records for the year.

Set up your 2017 tax calendar

Individual filers, use IRS Publication 509 to help locate your deadlines for the year. Read Pub. 509, Tax Calendars, on IRS.gov.

Businesses have IRS’s colorful small-business

calendar to set up 2017 due dates.

Not only is it available online, there’s a desktop version and a tool to integrate it with a variety of personal electronic calendars.

Update your address

If you moved during 2016, be sure to update your address with everyone who is expected to send you tax-related documents.

That includes the IRS, your state tax agency,

former employers (W-2s), banks (1099-INT), lenders (1098), brokerages (1099-DIV, 1099-B), clients (1099-MISC), investments (K-1s) and trusts (K-1s).

Update your name

New brides generally remember to change their names on driver’s licenses and paychecks, but often forget to notify the Social Security Administration.

You won’t be able to e-file your tax return with your new name if it doesn’t match the Social Security record.